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We’re Back! (Sort of…)

May 19, 2020


Dear friends,

It’s been a difficult and challenging time for all of us.

Our cautiously optimistic view, however, is that the world is slowly learning how to deal with one of the most challenging health issues of our lifetime, as well as with the economic devastation left in its wake.

At the beginning of April, Bourgeois Guitars was compelled to furlough all production workers, complying with an emergency gubernatorial order requiring the substantial closing of non-essential Maine businesses. It’s been a long six weeks since that day. Happily, on Monday, May 18, after implementing a variety of prudent safety protocols, we were finally able to recall 50% of those employees. If business and regulatory conditions allow, we sincerely hope to bring the rest of our team back before Federal supplemental unemployment benefits expire.



During six weeks of lockdown, a skeleton crew worked mostly from home, allowing us to keep the lights on, regularly monitor a sometimes finicky climate control system, and ship a few guitars. Though it was impractical to make entire guitars, many tops were assembled, voiced, and shipped to Eastman Music, keeping an exciting new co-production project on track for 2020 introduction.


We also used our lockdown time to repair and upgrade some of our equipment, modify the layout of several production workstations and, we hope, keep you entertained with our Artist Takeover series, featuring outstanding music by some of our favorite Bourgeois artists, including Bryan Sutton, Sawyer Fredericks, Griffin Sherry, and Josh Williams. Stay tuned for Della Mae, Andy Falco, Sierra Hull, and more, as the show continues.

For the time being, our office remains thinly manned. If a real person can not answer your phone call, please leave a detailed voice message. We promise that someone will get back to you. Better yet, you can often reach us more quickly at

Unfortunately, we are still unable to accept most repairs. Warranty work of a simple nature will be accepted, completed, and returned in relatively short order. We are still working to build sufficient capacity, however, to allow us to address larger repair projects in a timely fashion.

Moving forward, our goal is to continue doing what we do best: providing folks who bring happiness to others with the tools of their trade.

Thank you, to all who have supported us in any way during this unprecedented and difficult time. We are especially grateful to our new partners, Eastman Music, who with every incoming shell have proven the best folks possible to share a foxhole with.

Here’s to closing the distance between us with every passing day. In the mean-time, air hugs from the whole Bourgeois Team.

Dana Bourgeois,
CEO and Founder
Bourgeois Guitars