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We work hard to find the finest guitar shops in the world to represent us. Bourgeois dealers are generally small shops owned and run by folks that love guitars as much as you do. You’ll be in good hands when you partner with a Bourgeois dealer in your search for your dream guitar. If possible, find a shop near enough for you to go and try some of our guitars. It will be worth the trip. Your dealer can help you determine everything from the perfect Bourgeois body style for the music you want to play, to the best tonewoods. They will help you navigate the enjoyable nuance involved in acquiring your guitar. Our dealers will also help you price your order and advise you on how long it will take to deliver.

View the map below to find your Dealer Partner.

If you live beyond driving range of one of our dealers, or if your local Bourgeois dealer is out of stock of a guitar that you may be interested in purchasing, please do not hesitate to contact us. Bourgeois Guitars will be happy to assist you in selecting an individual guitar and finding a dealer to assist you with the purchase.

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