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Body StylesThe following Body Styles are available with any Guitar Package. Match the Guitar Package of your choice to a Body Style below.

Small Jumbo

14 Fret 25” Scale

Medium sized, with “short scale” playability.

Great things happen when the right combination of top surface area, air cavity volume and scale length come together. Shorter and wider than the JOM, and perfectly suited for the 25” scale length, the comfortable and versatile Small Jumbo is our most popular medium sized model. A fat guitar with a shorter scale is an electric player’s crossover dream. This one couldn’t be better for rockin’ that Everly Brothers feel with a nice tight rhythm sound, or for country, country blues, fingerpicking pop, you name it! Rich, clean and loud, with ample presence that fits nicely in the mix--studio or live.


Fretboard 14 Fret Ebony
Nut Width 1 23/32
Scale Length 25”
Waist 9 1/2”
Lower Bout Width 15 3/8”
Body Length 19 1/4”
Depth at Neck 3 1/2”
Depth at Tail-Black 4 3/8”
Total Length 39 1/4”
Notes :
1 23/32” nut comes standard with 2.2 Belly Bridge - 1 3/4” nut comes standard with 2 5/16” Belly Bridge. * No extra charge for 1 23/32” or 1 3/4” nut width on any model.

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