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Body StylesThe following Body Styles are available with any Guitar Package. Match the Guitar Package of your choice to a Body Style below.

Orchestra Model

14 Fret 25.5” or 25” Scale

String-to-string, note-to-note balance, rich sound and power to spare.

OM , 14 Fret 25.5” scale: You can think of the Vintage OM as a smaller version of our Dreadnought--or maybe it's the other way around. Because of its characteristic superb balance, clarity of voice, and sustaining top register, the OM is often thought of as the quintessential fingerstyle guitar. It's not surprising, though, that more than a few players appreciate these same characteristics not only for flatpicking but also for a variety of other applications. We scallop both sides of the X brace on our OM. This provides the” looseness” required in a smaller guitar to produce a clear, strong bass response, and power and projection that belies its size. The OM is also available as an OM Cutaway (OMC), 14 Fret 25.5” scale: True OM sound with extended playability, featuring Dana's original design.  Or, if you prefer a shorter scale, as the OM, 14 Fret, 25”short scale: Exceptional balance and warmth, with “short scale” playability.


Fretboard 14 Fret Ebony
Nut Width 1 3/4”
Scale Length 25 1/2”
Waist 9 1/8”
Lower Bout Width 15 1/16”
Body Length 19 5/16”
Total Length 39 9/16”
Notes :
1 23/32” nut comes standard with 2.2 Belly Bridge - 1 3/4” nut comes standard with 2 5/16” Belly Bridge. * No extra charge for 1 23/32” or 1 3/4” nut width on any model. All OM's come with a 2 5/16" Short Belly bridge EXCEPT the OM-150 and the Soloist models which come with a 2 5/16" Pyramid. Pyramid bridges are only available with 2 5/16" spacing With few exceptions, we cannot do a cutaway with Mahogany back and sides.

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