2018 Fall Festival Collection

Fall Festival Collection Header

This fall we built a batch of head-turning guitars for exhibition at several festivals. We are proud to present the following as our exclusive 2018 Fall Festival Collection.



8279 Vintage DLX



AT Adirondack // Madagascar Rosewood

Retail $8,615.00. Available at The Amp House in Scottsboro, AL.


“Maybe the loudest individual guitar we’ve built in some time, largely thanks to a remarkably
stiff torrefied Adirondack top sporting robust winter growth rings and Madagascar Rosewood.”



8290 LSH OM


AT Adirondack // Panama Rosewood

Retail $8,215.00. Inquire:  sales@bourgeoisguitars.com


“The Large Soundhole OM, our latest in a long run of vintage-inspired innovations, became an instant hit
among flatpickers seeking smaller bodied alternatives. Panama Rosewood is the ideal tonewood for

this model, providing just the right weight, sonic palette and vintage vibe to transport you back to simpler times.”



8306 OO DB Sig


Italian Spruce // Master Grade Brazilian

Available at Heartbreaker Guitars in N. Las Vegas, NV


“Introducing the prototype of a new inlay pattern custom designed by Aulson Inlays.
Don’t you think this simple vine looks perfect on a Brazilian 00?”



8308 JOM LSH


AT Adirondack // Madagascar Rosewood

Retail $8,315.00. Available at The Fretted Buffalo in Buffalo, NY.


     “Our continuing exploration of the large soundhole inevitably led to the Jumbo OM. The result?
Close your eyes and you might think you’re playing a Dread, except that it’s far too ergonomically agreeable.
Thanks to an atypically light-weight Madagascar Rosewood back, this one has that “dry, lonesome” sound
many flatpickers search high and low for.”




8301 O 150


O – 150

Italian Spruce // Brazilian Walnut

 Available at Heartbreaker Guitars in N. Las Vegas, NV.


“Brazilian Walnut has wonderful color and grain to complement its Rosewood-like tone, and a fragrance
resembling nutmeg and cinnamon, its taxonomic cousins. Figured examples are difficult to come by,
so best not to put off ordering one that looks “just like this”.



8296 Style 42


Italian Spruce // Indian Rosewood

Retail $7,990.00. Inquire: sales@bourgeoisguitars.com


“Earlier this year we separated Style 42 into two offerings: a basic model with vintage-inspired appointments,
and a Deluxe version with some added flourishes of our own. We think our basic Style 42,
represented here in an OM body style, offers exceptional value.”




8310 Parlor



AT Adirondack //  “Beeswing” Figured Mahogany

Retail $6,160.00. Available at Eddie’s Guitars in St. Louis, MO.


“We like our Piccolo Parlors either plain or fancy. Deep beeswing figure
and a tight grained top provide all the bling this pocket piano needs.”




8291 LDB-2


LDB-2 / 14

AT Adirondack // Premium Figured Mahogany

Retail $10,540.00. Available at Eddie’s Guitars in St. Louis, MO.


Vintage-inspired Argentine Gray sunburst and gold sparkle trim in a non-vintage fourteen-fret package.
(Hey, we don’t get why it isn’t called “Argentine Brown”, either!)